Policy & Audits

Policy & Audits
Compliance is a legal requirement...

Our specialist compliance team can help you through the minefield that is 'The Control of Asbestos Regulations'.  There are many responsibilities for the client to adhere to whilst at the same time trying to run an efficient and profitable company that ensures the health of their workforce.  Many companies are unsure as to their 'legal duty; under the asbestos regulations and adopt a burry their head in the sand approach.  Unfortunately this can end in company fines, personal fines and even jail sentences.  

The main purpose of our role is to provide a modern, efficient consultation with your company which will highlight all areas which need work in order to help you achieve statutory compliance.  This may come  a variety of forms including:

Develop and maintain accurate records for statutory compliance asbestos across the managed estate ensuring that landlord’s responsibilities are met.

We take away the headache of asbestos compliance to ensure compliance is found in a way that achieves value for money. Within the scope of the works we will reduce risk, both corporately and in relation to works required under regulation.

Our Clients


Here are some of the clients we have worked with to provide Management Plans, Audits, Training and Asbestos policy Preparation to achieve statutory compliance...

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