Domestic Asbestos Survey

The domestic asbestos report is used to determine the location and amount of asbestos containing materials throughout a dwelling.

Management Survey

An asbestos survey & management plan is required on all non-domestic properties throughout the UK in order to meet compliance with current legislation.

Refurbishment Survey

An intrusive inspection known as a refurbishment survey is required prior to building work or refurbishment of a property in the UK.

Pre-Demolition Survey

An intrusive inspection known as a Pre-Demolition survey is required to be undertaken on any building in the UK which is to undergo demolition.

Soil Survey

Asbestos in soils is an increasing problem and soil should be checked for the presence of asbestos fibres within the pre-construction phase.

Social Housing Survey

Asbestos is a huge problem in social housing and should included within the asbestos management plan laid out by the organisation or local authority.


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